Getting Strong – From 15kg to 65kgs!

Member since August 2015

Congratulations Eyleen Hermes for being awarded Athlete of the Month for January 2017!

Eyleen joined Zenergy in August 2015 and jumped into Group Classes straight away.  She’d always been a runner and loved running but didn’t have any experience or knowledge about strength training.

She wanted to get stronger and in between being a busy woman with her work (Burger Urge Franchises) she started coming to Zenergy regularly.

When she kicked-off her training at Zenergy she started with a 15kg Squat and not being able to do any overhead pressing because she was so weak. After months of hard work she started seeing and feeling her results!

2017 Jan - Eyleen

She can now Squat 65kg (50kg increase!) and Push Press 47.5kg (that’s overhead!) and is our fastest runner at Zenergy for the 1.3km loop around our Gym!

She is such a quiet achiever and always brings positivity to her workouts inspiring others to give their best as well!

Well done Eyleen! We can’t wait to cheer you on for another strong year of training!

Keep up the great work!

Tony, Steve, Jods, Wade, Damo, Matt + the Z Community! :)