Guilty as charged.

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

I was calling a Girlfriend for a bit of sage advice as Tony and I were contemplating a change – a tree change.

After living in the “burbs” for nearly a decade and being only 4kms to the CBD and our Gym, the convenience of inner-city living was wearing thin.  With our 2 girls now becoming little people who like to run and play, I started to have strong urges to give them a more relaxed upbringing with a rural influence.

Santa had already delivered 3 baby chickens at Christmas and throw into the mix, a new Puppy as well, we were starting to feel the squeeze on our 359 SQM block.

So, this led us to looking at property in Samford (about 20kms from CBD).

Back to my Girlfriend and that phone call.

I was calling her because she’d done it.

She’d done the Tree-Change and had lived at Samford and had only just recently moved back to the City.

Did she love it?

What was good about it?

What was not so good?

If she had her time over again, would she change anything?

I rambled, I stumbled and I semi-listened to her responses.

And about half-way through the phone call, it hit me.

I wasn’t listening to her responses, I was only listening to the bits I wanted to hear.

I nodded and engaged with the appropriate “Ok”, “Uh-huh” and “Hmmmm” when needed and we wrapped up the phone call with, “I’ll keep you posted!”

I realised as I hung up, that I really wasn’t after her advice.  I had called her with that intention, but deep down I’d made up my mind.

I was calling her to continue to validate the decision I had already made in my mind.

We were moving. It was going to happen.

2 weeks later with more house inspections we were now at an Auction and walked away that day with a signed contract on our dream home.

1.7 acres and about a 30min drive from the Gym, I was in bush-heaven.

After months of “research” the burbs to the bush project was complete.

I look back now and laugh at my behaviour and wonder, Where else have I done this?

Where else have I made up my mind on something, without consciously voicing it and ignored what anyone was around me saying, even after I had asked for their advice, opinion and feedback.

We all do this, don’t we?

I’m guilty as charged when it comes to any form of stretching or re-hab from my beloved Physio.

“Alex, I’m still getting shoulder pain and it’s really frustrating me….”

“Ok Jodie, so how are you going with your stretches I gave you?”

<insert long awkward pause here>

You see, I’d already decided that stretching was boring as bat-shit therefore rarely do them.

And I’m even guiltier when the c-word is mentioned with my Trainer, Nikki.

The c-word being Core.

“Nikki, my core is still weak and I want it to be stronger….”

“Sure Jods, how many times did you do your core exercises this week?”


I had decided that getting my core stronger is really hard work.  Like really, really, really hard. Too hard for me in fact. So, I don’t do a bloody thing about it!

We can all decide what is going to be easy, hard, enjoyable or painstakingly boring as bat-shit.

We decide if it can’t be done, can be done and is going to get done, well before it is ever done.

We make up our minds and that determines the outcome, before you’ve even started.

Dr Suess was right.

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

Yes Dr Suess.

I’m hearing you.

Best I start steering myself in the right direction.

Best I decide today is the day.

What about you?

Jods x.

P.S. A few snaps of our Tree-Change to share with you…

Burbs and Nella“Plenty of room for hide and seek in our new yard and Nella found the perfect hiding spot.”

Burbs and Family

Celebrating the move. Me soaking up the fresh-air with a glass of bubbles!”


Burbs and Chickens

“Meet Claudia, Tootoo, Huey, Duey, Spotty and Caster. 6 out of our 11 Lovely Hens…Oh, and the view from my home-office!”

Alex Photo Physio 1And lastly, Meet my Physio, Alex.  The smiling assassin.”

Dr Suess

Where should I start?

WOW that went fast!

5 weeks have past and I’m now a Mother of 2!

If you missed the announcement, Emmanuella Ruby Hebrard (Nella for short), was born safely on Friday 9th November at 1:47pm after needing a little encouraging to join us on the outside world (she was 10 days overdue!)

It already feels like I’ve changed a million and one nappies and that I’ve been out of the “real world” for a million and one days, but time is relative don’t you think?  5 weeks can either be a short time or L-O-N-G time.

Being the enthusiastic goal-setter that I am I’ve already dived into commitments for 2013 and registered myself for the Noosa Triathlon in October next year AND have pledged to raise $50,000 for Heart Kids after our little scare with Nella…(you can read more here).

A little ambitious of me YES, but I realised something about myself a while ago, that I thrive on feeling uncomfortable and ticking off these 2 goals next year certainly makes me feel uncomfortable given I’ve just brought a baby into this world!

It will be an interesting journey in 2013 no doubt!

It dawned on me today that I’ve caught myself saying recently, “I’ll start that soon….

” That” being…..

1. My daily core workout to regain my pelvic floor strength.

2. Regular stretches to loosen tight muscles from lots of breastfeeding and 9 months of baby carrying!

3. Sketching out a Fundraising plan with the first event being in January….

4. A weekly meal plan written so Take-Out Dinners aren’t the emergency option when all hell breaks loose with a Toddler, New Born and tired Mumma combined!

5. Oh, and Christmas Shopping – yep, we haven’t started that yet!

Everything (except No. 5) is realistically a 5-10min task, but small, easy tasks can often be the tasks that we to put off, aren’t they?!

We often over-look the “easy” and make things more complicated than what they should be.

5 minutes of daily core work is a lot easier to do, rather than fit in appointments at the Physio down the track when an injury sets in because I’ve got a weak core!

What do you reckon?

Needless to say, I’m not waiting on New Years to roll around to get things moving on my 2013 goals.

How about you?

Jods :)

P.S. Here is our little bundle of joy that is keeping me rather busy at the moment!

P.P.S. I would LOVE to hear from you, so drop me a line anytime!