The Devil is in the Details









In 4 ½ months time 5 ladies and I will be hitting New Zealand for an amazing 5 Day Trekking Adventure and I can’t wait!

It came about from me wanting another challenge and something to strive for and after a few phone call and emails, the group is now locked in!

The funny thing is since I’ve got the last ladies on board, I’ve started telling more people about it and then I’ve had questions which I have no bloody idea about.

Questions like…

How many kilometers are you trekking?”

“How long are you trekking for each day?”

“16kg doesn’t sound like a lot to carry when it includes food, clothes, cooking equipment….are you sure that’s right?”

I’ve had the same answer for each question.

“I don’t know.”

The people that know me laugh and the people that don’t know me have a puzzled look on their face that says, “Why wouldn’t you know this?!”

Sometimes knowing too much about something is not always a good thing.

Sometimes the more you ask the more you 2nd guess yourself, become unsure and then continue to sit on the fence.NZ_ArthursPass01

It’s not that the detail is unimportant or that I don’t have access to the information, it’s just the detail is not important to me – especially right now.

Knowing WHY I want to do it, is way more important than crossing my i’s and dotting my t’s before I go. (For the detail people, I may have ruffled your feathers here ;))

There’s a syndrome that you can sometimes experience: Analysis Paralysis.

A place where you are frozen and unable to make a decision.

A place that takes you nowhere other than around and around in circles.

You’ll find yourself saying things like, “I’d like too…I want too, but, jeez I’m not too sure now!”

All I know about my adventure is it’s a 5 Day Trek across Arthur’s Pass in the South Island of NZ, and we’ll be sleeping in huts, carrying our own 16kg Packs of clothes, food and cooking equipment – and there will be no showers.

I also know I need to get fitter and the most important thing – I need to listen to the expert here – our Trek Guide.

It’s his job to know everything, know all the details and be across any questions that come his way.

It’s his job to tell me what to do…and it’s my job to do what I’m told!

He’s the expert – I’m not.

Kinda, sort-of, just maybe relates to listening to any expert that you are getting help from.

Kinda like…your Trainer. :)

Learn to use your Experts around you.

Learn to focus on simply following the plan that they give you.

If you need the detail – get down and dirty with your WHY, why you want to do it and why it’s so important to you.

imagesYou’ve heard the saying, “The devil is in the details” and that can work for and against you.

True or not true?

Jods :)

It’s like a hobby, but on steroids.

Today is going to be a bit different as Tony and I reached a milestone last week.

Zenergy turned the ripe old age of 9 on Thursday, we are really growing up fast!

This milestone brings memories flooding back of a scorching hot Saturday morning in February 2004, adrenalin keeping me going all day after very little sleep the night before our “opening” and a whirlwind start to our business which saw us face bankruptcy in just 4 months!

It was a very rock start to say the least and as you can tell we didn’t have to declare bankruptcy thank god.

Some of you know the “story” and some of you don’t so I’d like to share a little bit as the people that have supported us (and continue too), I am forever grateful for.

Tony and I had absolutely no idea on how to run a business when the doors opened.

We knew how to do pushups, clean bathrooms on Sundays (oh the memories), pick up the phone and chat to people and we knew that we’d figure it out….

80-100 hour weeks were the norm and the “4 month” mark which saw us face the dark reality of the hole we’d dug our selves into can be summed up with one word – RENT.

Every premises has it to cover and fortunately for us we had a 4 month rent free period….so when 4 months passed the reality of what we had to pay each and every month moving forward was very hard to get my head around.

310 square metres on prime street frontage doesn’t come cheap so we did what any young folks would do – went knocking on my Parent’s door…

Hi Mum, can we move in?

So my first thank you – Thanks Mum and Dad for having us live at your place for 18 months without paying any board and supporting us in those first few tough years.

We lived on $100 bucks a week each for 18 months and we told many white lies to our friends at that time.  We couldn’t afford to go “out on the town”, “out to dinner”, “catch up for lunch” or any socialising at all.

Our socialising involved a Friday night DVD at our Parent’s place…and that was only if we had money left over for that week.

It was a very hard slog, but I’m grateful for the “toughening up” that it gave me.

My 2nd thank-you…. Thanks Tony for being such a supportive business partner and life partner through out these 9 years.

Working and living with someone can be interesting to say the least and more times than not, one partner needs the support of the other – it’s rare that we are both “on the same track side by side”.

One person is often ahead of the other and encouraging the other along….Sometimes, the lead will change and the encouraging is swapped around.

I’ve shared with you before that my introduction into Motherhood was a challenging with Post Natal Depression as part of my journey.

What I haven’t shared with you is the massive impact it had on Zenergy and Tony personally.

My role in zenergy is to market the business and get new folks in the doors and like anything, if you aren’t growing you are dying.

In 2011 I was not able to work and the little contribution  I did give was more for me to feel useful, then actually help the business.

I remember Tony taking on so much responsibility only to come home to a Wife that wasn’t coping and a Business Partner that was dragging the team down.

There were many late night discussions in our home while Gen was still a baby about, “Should we sell the house….?” .

Tony was strong, Tony was supportive and he never gave up on me or the business.  He would rock up to Zenergy with a smile to motivate his clients, motivate the team and he threw himself into trying to hold the business together, while our marriage was being tested harshly.

Thank you Tony – for everything that you do and everything you represent.

My 3rd thank-you… Thanks to our Team, especially, Steve.

Steve has been on this journey with us since 2005 from memory.

He walked in the doors a fresh-faced 17 year old and I’m proud to see him as the man he is today.

He’s ridden all the waves of the business too and I know it was tough for him when his Leader didn’t lead while I battled with my personal challenges during 2011.

He stuck by Tony and I and I’m forever grateful for his dedication, commitment and personal passion of really wanting to help people with their health and fitness.

Steve, you rock!

My 4th thank-you… to our business partner (which I won’t name for his privacy), which saw the vision that Tony and I had, and put his money on the line to set up the facility with us in 2004.

He said “no” in our first meetings of negotiation but he soon realised, we weren’t going to take “no” for an answer.

It took 3 “no’s” to finally hear the words we wanted to hear…”Yes!”

Persistence pays off – it always does.

The reality of how much he helped Tony and I is huge.

You wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t for him.

I’m forever grateful that he took a “chance” with us… Thanks mate x

Lastly….You – our clients past, present and future.

A Business does not survive without paying clients and I’m so grateful that 9 years on we still have clients that believe in us, that tell their friends and family about us and have stood by us through out the journey as well.

I’m very grateful for your energy that you bring to us at the Studio and online.

It’s an absolute pleasure to share my passion with you and an absolute pleasure to have real relationships with the folks that I get to chat to at the Studio face-to-face and “online”.

It’s not “work” for Tony and I, it’s like a hobby on steroids.

Moving forward into 2013…

With any journey there are paths to follow and this year we are very excited about the paths we are laying right now which you’ll get to enjoy…some soon and some later.

We hope you continue to join us on this journey and if we can help in any way, all you need to do is reach out.

So, as I blow out the virtual 9 candles right now, let’s all make a wish to have the best year ever together!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Jods x

It is what it is.

It is what it is.

You can’t change it.

It’s pointless to think you can.

No ifs, buts, should haves, could haves or maybes will help.

It is what it is.

Accept it.

Move on.

Your life right now is THIS moment, so live it there.

Enjoy it, relish it and cherish it.

Right now, someone in this world would kill to have your problem….think about it.

They really would.

Jods x

P.S. Tonight’s post was inspired by an amazing dinner I had with Tman.  He was given a 1978 Grange by a very generous Client – and after some googling we realised it was a very special gift worth a pretty penny and something to be cherished.

A restaurant was booked, Parents organised for baby-sitting and the bottle de-cantered today at 2pm for dinner tonight.

Alas, it had “turned” and not drinkable.

It is was it is.

And our dinner was still amazing.


P.P.S If you enjoyed this Post, please follow my journey in 2013 as I set out to raise $50,000 for Heart Kids, and you can find out all about it here…