The 3 reasons I hate CrossFit



Let’s cut straight to the hate.

#1 Hate.

My Mum & Dad, who are 66yrs of ripe old age, do it.  And my Dad has a hand disability which leaves him unable to make a grip with his left hand.

They come religiously 4 times a week and choose the right scaling options for themselves and finish their workouts –  all the bloody time.

I hate it because there’s no excuse for me to skip a workout, saying it’s too hard, too technical or too anything else.

There’s no out.

There’s always a Scaling option which means you can’t hide.

#2 Hate: It’s hard.crossfithard

The very nature of CrossFit is born from high-intensity training which essentially means  – do more work in  less time.

It’s confronting, humbling and just down-right hard work.

You can’t escape it and you already know before you go to a workout it’s going to be hard.

The sort of hard that leaves you fitter, stronger & faster – pity about that. (Note sarcasm)

#3 Hate: It’s never-ending.

Back in the days before I CrossFitted I was pleased with myself to have “mastered” strength training, got my shiny little black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and dabbled in Triathalons along the way as well.

There was an end-game in a short space of time and mastering the skills was always within reach.

But with CrossFit it’s a never-ending game of being a beginner – again and again and again.

You have to swallow your pride, be patient and enjoy the journey, because the destination is a long way away.

Wall Balls, Double Unders, Clean & Jerks, Toe to Bars, Snatches, Squat Snatches, Muscle-Ups, Rope-Climbing… Ummmm should I continue?DSC_0069-v2

Boredom is nowhere in sight and I hate knowing that there’s a plethora of skills to master, and can only be mastered when your basics, your foundations are (mostly) flawless.

It’s a long-game, not a quick-fix.

Patience Jodie, Patience.

Jods x

Tman’s 10 minute Torture!


Very excited to be sharing this with you and can’t wait to hear how you go!

Tman and Spielberg (that would be me 😉 ) have filmed a 10 minute indoor, no-equipment needed workout for you which is focused on a full body high intensity training session, so you aren’t wasting any time!

It’s short and sharp.

It’s intense!

AND he’ll sweat along with you as you bust out rep, after rep!

So, here’s how this works….

The Workout

– It’s on YOUTUBE for you…just scroll down to the very end & click the link below!

– It’s a circuit based session that is 10 minutes of training time, 2min 30second rest thrown PLUS he’ll take you through the warm up and cool down.  So, the total time you’ll have with Tman is 22 minutes!

– Plan when you are going to do it in your diary, JUST like any other training session! (oh, and download it beforehand so you aren’t waiting on yourself when you are ready to go!)

– (DISCLAIMER!***) Of course if you do this workout, it’s totally at your own risk!

– He DOES the workout with you, and I hope you enjoy his company. :)


Need Something To Read Through First….?

– Print out the PDF or just view it/save it for later from this link here…..! Tman’s 10min Torture

– If you don’t have ADOBE to read the PDF, here’s the Workout Outline below!


Tman’s 10 Minute Torture!

Workout Overview…. Full-body high intensity circuit with no equipment needed!

Total Workout Time….10 minute of training, 2 minutes & 30 seconds rest and warm up & cool down as well! (Total Time = 22 minutes!)

Workout Structure…. 2 Circuits….Each Circuit = 5 exercises for 30 seconds, Repeat twice.

Workout Outline

Warm up stretch and Demo

 First Circuit = Total Time 5min

  • 30 seconds on each exercise!
  • Squats / Towel Row  Left / Towel Row Right/Pushups/Burpees


REST….2min 30 seconds


2nd Circuit = Total Time 5min

  • 30 seconds on each exercise!
  • Floor to sky jumps / Towel Row Left / Towel Row Right / Hover to Pushup / Burpees


Stretch and Cool down!

 Workout Tips!

  1. Make sure you’ve got a towel ready to use!
  2. Have your water bottle full and close by!
  3. Technique is important, so always complete each repetition with good form!


So, are you in?

Let us know how you go and if you’d like to receive Tman’s workouts regularly you can subscribe to the BLOG on the right-hand side of the home page!

Remember: it’s more FUN when you are fit!

Jods :)

P.S. And here is your 10 min training session, aka Tman’s Torture Workout!

<DIRECT LINK to YOUTUBE if the video is not working