I made a mistake…


It occurred to me last week my training plan has a fatal omission.


It’s only 4 weeks til I fly out to New Zealand and without this one thing, I’m in big trouble without it.

How could I have missed this in my planning?!

This thing – that’s super important and (apparently) life threatening is my Yonder Goal.


My Yonder Goal.

The goal after I’ve done this….the next thing for me to focus on when I get back.

I know from past experience that it is super easy to work hard towards something, rock up to race day, event day or fitness testing day and complete the challenge I had set for myself and then get lost in the busyness of life.

Weeks go by.

A few months pass.

And I’m sorta training.


Hit and miss and a wandering fool.

For me, having a Yonder Goal gives me clarify and focus.








It’s not something I have to work on now or worry about, but it’s planting the seed so that when I fly back into Australia, I’ll know how much down time to have, and then get back on the horse again.

I haven’t come up with my Yonder Goal yet and will let you know when I do…but I’m glad I realised it now with 4 weeks to go and not 4 weeks after I get back!

And one last thing.

I know that not everyone is not wired like me, so this will either resonate with you or it won’t.

Take what works for you and discard the rest.

Happy Training!

Jods x

The one thing to stop worrying about


I could see she was in the hurt box when I walked past and then heard her quick remark to Tony…. “You know we started early, don’t you?

The woman was training with my beloved – God help her.

And she has done so for years, so she’s not new to Tony, and Tony’s not new to her.

Coming back to Training after a good hurrah over New Years is always hard, but coming back to Training with Tony is harder.

I knew she was stalling him and letting him know loud and clear she was happy to finish the session then and there.

And then Tony responded. “What…. Are you worried that you’ll get too fit?”

Case in point.

In that instant I chuckled.

Don’t you hate it when “they” are right? “They” being your Trainer.

We all do it.

Focus on the hurt.

Wishing it would stop.

Thinking…. I’ve done enough for today… Surely?!


had enough






But you know what? There’s always that little bit more inside.

That extra effort, rep, minute, round or lap around the block.

That extra effort is where real change – real results are.

Getting fitter, faster, leaner and stronger only happens with overload – not comfort zone load.

Don’t let that little voice inside of you tell you any lies.

And next time you are in the hurt box, don’t worry…..

You won’t get too fit – so push on soldier!

Jods x

3 little words….






I had the pleasure of catching up with a wonderful woman and her children on New Years Day for a play in the park, and our conversation quickly turned to the new year, resolutions and goals in general.

She shared something with me that left me utterly intrigued and me wanting to leave right then and there, so I could go do it myself.

She shared with me that she doesn’t do the “normal” write down your goals thing, but she sits down and asks of herself; “What 3 words do I want to FEEL MORE of this year?”

Kinda cool if you ask me.

She spent some time on New Years Eve putting pen to paper and came up with her 3 words that are meaningful and motivating – for her.

And that’s the interesting thing, is that Humans (that’s you and me), are motivated by feelings.

We all want to do stuff, see stuff, get stuff, but ultimately all of this “stuff” in our lives just gives us the feelings we desire.

You want to lose weight, not because of the number on the set of scales, but because of the feelings that you attach to that number.

You want to feel better, happier, more alive, content – whatever the word is for you.

Makes sense?

So rather than just focusing on writing down the typical I WANT X, Y, Z this year, I wrote some of my own words down and thought I’d share them with you.

Here we go.

Brave.  I want to feel more brave. Take more risks. I want to feel the fear and do things anyway.

Strength.  I want to feel more of my inner-strength that laughs in the face of doubt and is soul-nurturing, (not face-slapping) when I’m tired.

Rich.  I want to enjoy richer relationships with those close to me, connect with new folks and feel rich with amazing memories of laughter, connection and meaningful conversation.


Here’s the thing.

To create these words will take effort.

Things are not going to just “happen” without structure, a plan and implementation.

But, when you’ve got the feeling clear from the get-go, it will make it a whole lot easier to implement when the honeymoon period of New Years is over.

So, what about you?2015

What do you want to feel more of in this brand new spanking Year?

Jods x

Is it really all worth it?

I was reminded yesterday of a basic fundamental in the fitness formula of getting results.

I was flat, feeling tired and sore going into the workout and nothing much changed throughout the workout   except more tiredness and soreness.

Workout done, protein recovery done, shower and refreshed and then struggling in front of my computer to  get myself into action.

I was hitting a wall big-time, feeling fatigued mentally and physically.

As I sat at my desk I started to procrastinate – getting up filling my water, going to the bathroom, checking on things that didn’t need checking.

The whole time I was telling myself how tired I was and how flat I felt.

The basic fundamental was – if you train hard then expect to feel tired.

Not uber motivating I know, but it’s the truth.Tired

Getting results takes work – hard work, and hard work will feel hard.

There’s no sugar-coating it or wrapping it up in cotton wool.

I let myself slump into a pity-ball which wasn’t helping me and when I reminded myself that what I was feeling was normal it helped me snap out of it.

There will be times when you’ll question whether it’s worth it…

And I’d recommend that you don’t answer this question when you are feeling tired and flat after a workout.

When you’ve nailed a workout, high from a P.B. (personal best) or sitting smugly in new threads, that’s when you should ask yourself….”Is it worth it?”

A day later and a better mood and less tired body….


It’s worth it.

Jods x

“It” is Your Decision

What determines whether someone is going to hit their goals or not?

Making the decision that you are going to achieve your goal is where it all starts and finishes!

You see many people want “it”.

We all want to be fit, have the fit body, the muscles, the elimination of any wobbly bits, the energy and vitality, the feeling of success and self-pride.

The question is… Have you really decided what “it” is for you? AND, Do you want “it” bad enough?

I think the key is to find that place where you are pushing at the right level for you.  The right level being that place where you are truly fulfilled and happy! You feel challenged but not so much that you feel like a weight is pushing you into the ground. You are not kidding yourself by setting goals that require much more time and effort than you are prepared to put in and you are also not kidding yourself by saying that it is all ok when it is not!

If you are overweight and unfit you know that your time for ill health will come much sooner than it should.

In 2006 I competed in my first body building competition. It was a decision I made 14 weeks before the first competition date. I had a reasonable base as I’d been strength training consistently for several years. So 12 weeks out I had my first appointment with my Personal Trainer, a friend and past Mr Australia. After placing second in the novice category that year I decided that I would devote my training for the next year to becoming the best body builder I could be (without the drugs).

My goal was to win my weight division in the QLD titles in 2007. This journey was an amazing experience and one that taught me many things that I continue to benefit from today.

However, these lessons only came from putting in the “work” to be the best I could be. The training and eating wasn’t a chore because it was simply part of what I needed to do to achieve what I wanted. I lived and breathed body building because the prize was worth it!

Did I win my division?

Yes, but that’s not why I felt successful that day.

Tony Hebrard - 2007 Qld Champion of Natural Body BuildingThe real success came as I stood there on stage knowing that I had given it everything I had and that is where the real satisfaction is. Winning to me does matter, but the real win is beating any inner demons that hold you back from being your best!

So, if you have a goal that you’d like to achieve but you haven’t really been going for it try this this home-work task out.

Sit down and write down the pros and cons for training, eating and working towards “it”. Then weigh it all up. If the pros for it outweigh the cons then what are you waiting for?

Make the decision and go for it and give it everything you’ve got!

So what if you miss out on a bit of sleep or some of the Master Chef All Stars!

So what if you need to take some time to prepare your healthy food.

So what if you have to push a little harder in your training sessions.

When you stand there on your own podium of success knowing that you have given it everything you’ve got you will feel something that truly satisfies your soul!

Remember, it’s more fun when you’re fit!