This girl was on fire.

I was onto Point #2 of my chat during the Ladies Night we had at the Gym recently, and wanted to make sure I slowed down so that the point really hit home.

Rewind a few years, and I was sharing the story of beginning my training for a full distance Triathlon after having had my 2nd child, Nella.

2 pregnancies with less than a year a part had certainly taken its toll on my body and I knew that the “getting back” into it stage was going to need a careful approach. Throw into the mix the post-natal depression I had with my first child, meant that my self-esteem was needing love & support, not the self-bashing mentality of go hard or go home!

Winning from day one was crucial for me. We all like to feel like we are winning, right?!

I had about 10 months to train towards a 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run and focused heavily on the scientific principle of progressive overload. What this means is to make your workouts harder, heavier or longer bit by bit, so your body continually has to adapt (get fitter and stronger) to deal with the increased stimulus.

So, I sat down and wrote my program for the first 4 weeks.

It was awesome.

It was the best program I had ever written!

It was so damn good that I was ready to get started – right away.

Week one involved 2 runs and I had the exact route mapped out I was going to take.

Let’s go back to the Ladies Night…. and the moment I asked them a question…. “How long do you think I had planned for my first run? How many kilometers do you think I was starting with on Day 1?”

Answers jumped out at me.

“10 kms…”

“2 kms…”

“5 kms…”

I stood there and listened waiting for the room to die down again.

“Ladies, it was less than that – a lot less. For the first 2 weeks my planned runs were 500 meters.”

The room erupted.

“WHAT?! Only 500 meters???”

I could see the look of disbelief on their faces with comments like… ” Why bother?!, and, Is that all?!, ringing through the room.

And then they stopped to think about it and it started to sink in.

The importance of starting small.

The importance of winning from Day 1.

The importance of being kind to yourself.

Fitness is a long term game and enjoying the process early on in your training is one of the keys to long term results.

I went on to share that I then doubled my training in week 3!

This now meant I was now running the big, huge amount of 1 whole kilometer!

WOW – this girl was on fire!

I knew deep down that the momentum I was building would steamroll into discipline. My body was feeling good from moving, my pelvic-floor was coping and my self-esteem was lapping up the wins that I was pinning on the board!

Starting small works.

It really does.

You just have to let go of your ego and let go of any preconceived thoughts on what starting back  means to you. Jodie's iphone 3295

Running 500 meters on that first day didn’t leave me all hot and sweaty.

But, it did leave me with spirits so high, and motivation on the rise with a wanting for more.

And that is where you win my friend.

That moment with yourself when you whisper…. “YES, I can do this!”

Yes. You. Can. :)

Jods x

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CrossFit Zenergy Co-owner Jodie Hebrard

I was that nervous I had to wee 3 times in 30 minutes!

You don’t have to tell me you are nervous when you walk into the Studio, because I can see it on your face and I’m sorry…. I wish I could change it in an instant for you, I really wish I could.

She was nervous & anxious as well…..actually I think even a little scared.

I’d just rocked up  to my very first EVER Tough Mudder Conditioning at the Studio and pumped to finally be joining everyone in their Saturday Training Session, rather than watching on the sidelines with a pregnant belly!

The young nervous lady was a newbie to the class as well, but not new to Zenergy, and I could see it in her eyes and went straight over…

Hey, how are you!?  Is this your first time too?!”

“Yep…” she said nervously.

“You’ll be ok,”  I encouraged.  “Just remember this is your workout and no one else’s so just do what you feel comfortable doing….”

She nodded politely with a blank look probably thinking, “Yeh it’s ok for you because your a fitness freak….” or something of the like.

It’s interesting as we (Tony and I) always get put into a “Basket” of those “fitness freaks”, but I’m here to tell you I was JUST as nervous as she was that first session.

We all have that little voice in our heads and mine was on fire that morning….

“What if I make a fool of myself in front of our Clients….?”

“I know I’m unfit because I haven’t trained hard since 2010, but I hope I can handle today…..”

Maybe I should have done another class first and not chosen Tough Mudder as my first session back!!!”

I refocused and put my attention back on to my nervous buddy, and what she doesn’t know is all the encouraging I was about to give her, was actually for my benefit.

Just know that there’s always options with each exercise so if it’s too hard  scale it back ok….”

“Ok”, she nodded.

“Go at your own pace, there’s no need to rush or keep up with anyone else….”

She gave another “ok” a little bit more confidently.

“And the very first time you do the exercises go lighter than what you think so you can get comfortable with the movement, and then, and only then, up the weight IF you feel comfortable.”

Her last “Ok” came with a shy smile and the timer sounded for Round 1.

I took my own advice in that workout and I’m glad that I did.

I’m glad that I shook that little nervous voice out of my head and focused on me, and WHAT I WAS capable of, and WHY I WAS THERE….

To get back into it….

To see how I’d go….

To start – start somewhere – but start at my own pace.

I sweated, I worked hard, I did push ups on my knees and changed exercises immediately or asked Chris (the Trainer) for an alternative as soon as I knew that the exercise was beyond my body – at the moment.

The class finished and we were both shattered….in a very satisfying way.

The sort of satisfaction that comes from within, when you know you’ve overcome something and had a personal win.

Satisfaction from committing to do something that made you nervous to the point of having to do 3 wees in 30 minutes before the class.  (Yep, I did 3!)

Nerves are normal, being anxious is normal and you will never overcome it by staying the same and not giving things a go.

Jods x