The honeymoon is over

Every Friday night without fail I start dreading it.

Thinking of ways to get around it or avoid it.

I’m talking about my 4:30am alarm on my Saturday morning to get me up and Trek Training at Mt Cootha.

The honeymoon lasted about 2 weeks and then the reality set in.

We all experience that honeymoon phase when we start something new and mine went something like this…

“Oh, I think I might do a Trek in New Zealand and invite some other ladies along and we’ll all lugg around 16kg each on our backs, carry and cook our own food, NOT have showers at the end of the day and do this 5 days in a row.  That sounds like fun!”

I’m deep in trek training at the moment with 5 weeks to go.

Saturday mornings are the day we do a group hike at Mt Cootha and it’s the toughest session of the week, with our backpacks getting heavier and heavier every week to get our bodies and minds conditioned for what’s about to unfold.

It’s hot, it’s hard and it’s gruelling.

It’s mentally draining after a big week of business, babies and not seeing my Husband that much.

But I know it’s part of the deal.Jodie trekking

I know it’s what I signed up for.

The honeymoon has well and truly left the harbour.

I’m totally motivating you right now aren’t I? (note sarcasm)

Here’s the thing.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fit, unfit or how strong or weak you are.

The honeymoon always ends.

Learn to accept that.

After the honeymoon there’s always “work,” just like night follows day.

It always has and always will.

If you are waking up, finishing work or getting to the weekend and aren’t feeling motivated – welcome to the club.

My name is Jodie, nice to meet you :)

Jods x

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The one thing to stop worrying about


I could see she was in the hurt box when I walked past and then heard her quick remark to Tony…. “You know we started early, don’t you?

The woman was training with my beloved – God help her.

And she has done so for years, so she’s not new to Tony, and Tony’s not new to her.

Coming back to Training after a good hurrah over New Years is always hard, but coming back to Training with Tony is harder.

I knew she was stalling him and letting him know loud and clear she was happy to finish the session then and there.

And then Tony responded. “What…. Are you worried that you’ll get too fit?”

Case in point.

In that instant I chuckled.

Don’t you hate it when “they” are right? “They” being your Trainer.

We all do it.

Focus on the hurt.

Wishing it would stop.

Thinking…. I’ve done enough for today… Surely?!


had enough






But you know what? There’s always that little bit more inside.

That extra effort, rep, minute, round or lap around the block.

That extra effort is where real change – real results are.

Getting fitter, faster, leaner and stronger only happens with overload – not comfort zone load.

Don’t let that little voice inside of you tell you any lies.

And next time you are in the hurt box, don’t worry…..

You won’t get too fit – so push on soldier!

Jods x

Tuning In

It made complete sense as soon as I read it and left me wondering why hadn’t I thought of it sooner!

No fluff, just simple common sense.

I was reading a CrossFit article on Facebook and it was an interview with one of Australia’s most respected Coaches, Matt Swift.

And there was one little golden nugget in the last question directed at him: “Matt, what would you recommend to people when they are checking out CrossFit for the first time?”

In his usual brevity: “Enjoy being a beginner.”gen

Told you it was so simple!

Kids naturally “do this” with anything new I reckon.

Everything new is fun.

There’s no hangups, expectations or negative self-talk.

Just pure excitement with the opportunity to learn and they have fun – they totally enjoy being a beginner at everything!

The first steps.

The first words.

The first bike ride.

Small wins are celebrated with a smile, and failures are met with hands being dusted off and having another go – straight away.

They aren’t worried about any on-lookers and they actually encourage it!

“Look at me Mum, Look at me Dad!”

How cool is that?!

They are too involved in themselves and in the learning, to worry about what others are thinking.

And that’s where the focus should be – on tuning in, not tuning out.

On how we feel about ourselves with our effort – not the result and on our progress, no matter how small.

On enjoying the process and not rushing towards the outcome.

Is it time to tune in for you?


The Art of Self Motivation

When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything. – Stephen Richards

We all want to live healthier lives. So what’s stopping you from reaching your fitness goals? Surely those people at the gym who never seem to get off track have some extra chromosome that keeps them going. Right?!

Wrong. A lot of self motivation is less about being in the mood and more about creating sustainable habits that become your default so on those days when you just don’t feel like doing another squat you do. Because you’ve created a framework to support yourself with.

But we all have to start somewhere right? Right! So here are 4 simple steps, from coach Steve Stagg, that can help you start to create those healthy habits.

Here it goes:

Step 1 – Write Down Reasons Why

Really understanding the reasons behind any goal is the best way to develop that ‘must have’ attitude that let’s nothing get in the way of success. I recommend you start by writing down 10 reasons why for each goal that you have. It may seem a little difficult to start with but be honest with yourself and it will begin to flow. The more reasons why you can think of the better so keep adding to the list over time and solidifying your motivation.


Step 2 – Write Your Goals Daily

Writing your goals down daily is a ritual you must perform to be truly self-motivated. Keep a little notepad and pen next to your bed and your goals will become so ingrained into you that everything you do each day will be a step towards achieving them. Choose whether you write in your notepad first thing in the morning or last thing before going to sleep but make sure you are recording goals that are specific, measurable and have a timeframe.

Step 3 – Use Pictures

Pictures are a great tool for helping to stay motivated. Obviously the picture you use will vary depending on your goal but choose something that creates a fire in your belly to achieve your goal. Pictures can be put on your training diary to fire you up before your workout. You might like to put a picture on the fridge to help you make good food choices or on the bathroom mirror so you look at it every time you are cleaning your teeth.


Step 4 – Reward Yourself!

Lastly, rewarding yourself for achieving your goals is great positive reinforcement to help you continue on with your goal achieving ways. It doesn’t have to be big but it does have to inspire you to keep getting better. An example of this might be to buy yourself a new pair of jeans or treat yourself to that new restaurant when you achieve your weight loss goal. Or perhaps getting some new running shoes for completing every planned workout for the month. Be strict with yourself here and only reap your reward once the hard work is done.

– Steve Stagg, Brisbane Personal Trainer & Manager

Okay, ball’s in your court. Start small and start today. And if you ever need support, talk to one of our awesome coaches/trainers. Go for it athletes!

Rae “of Sunshine” Kess

CrossFit Zenergy, Windsor

Reasons Make the Difference

So you’ve got a goal. You want to get fitter and lose some weight. Or maybe you want to run a marathon or climb to base camp. Why? Why do you want to do it? Why push yourself and go through all the hard work?
You can think of goals as being a table and the reasons why you want to achieve these goals as being the legs that hold it up. If you only have 1 or 2 legs holding up the table it will be pretty shaky and it will easily fall over. If you have many legs, 10 or more, the table will be rock solid. In fact someone could come along and wipe 1 of those legs right out and the table will still remain solid.
I have found that a common challenge that many people have with achieving their health and fitness goals is that they feel that it is a selfish goal. They feel that by putting time and energy into becoming fitter, leaner, stronger, whatever their actual fitness goal is that it is all about them and they should really be putting their time and energy into helping others like their family who need them. I understand this and for many of us the willingness to help others is a more powerful motivator than to do something for ourselves. My question is, can you do both? Can you still be a great Mum, Dad, friend, and still achieve your own fitness goals. The challenge is getting the right balance isn’t it! The thing is if you really look after yourself you will probably be an even better, Mum, Dad, friend etc.
If you really like feeling fit, being in great shape and challenging yourself to achieve new things with your fitness then you won’t feel good inside if you don’t stay on top of your fitness. This will affect those around you as you won’t be your happy self. It is said that for us to feel truly happy and fulfilled we need to feel as though we are growing and we also need to feel as though we are contributing. If we are growing but not contributing then we won’t feel great about ourselves but if we are contributing a lot but not growing we won’t feel great either. We need both.
Why don’t you try this little exercise? Write down 10 reasons why you want to achieve your health and fitness goal. Remember some reasons can be “selfish” goals like to look good, but hang on is this really a selfish goal? Won’t your partner appreciate you being in great shape, having more energy, feeling great about yourself, living longer? Work on building at least 10 really good strong legs to hold your goal up. Make your goal unshakeable and let no one knock it down!
Life’s more fun when you hit your goals!

Do Those Extra Kilos Really Make That Much Difference?

I always like mixing up my training and challenging myself with new and different things. Last week I decided to do strength training session with a weighted vest for the whole session. I didn’t want to know the weight of the vest so I didn’t weight it until the end of the session. The session included chin ups, dips, pistol squats and other very exciting body weight (plus the vest) exercises.
Man it was a killer! At the end of the session I couldn’t wait to take the vest off. When I did, it felt great. I felt so light. I weighed the vest and it came in at 10kg. This was about what I was expecting although I’d hoped it was heavier as this would have given more reason as to why the workout was so challenging!
That extra 10kgs made a massive difference. It pretty much halved the reps I would have been able to do without it! I am so glad I’m not carrying those extra 10kgs around with me all the time!
If you are living in denial, carrying extra kilos yourself and telling yourself that it doesn’t make that much difference then why don’t you try out a weighted vest and see how much difference it does make. If you are keen to improve your running, get faster on that bike, go on a trek or anything else that requires you to move your body then I’m advising you to get your power to weight ratio as high as possible! This means get strong and lean. Becoming one or the other is only doing half the job and you’ll only feel and see half the benefits. It doesn’t matter how strong you are if you are carrying extra body fat then it will slow you down and wear you out!
Think lean athletes. It’s more fun being able to simply unstrap those extra 10kgs at the end of a workout rather than having them follow you around all day!