Burgers & Brilliant Ideas

As soon as she said it, I instantly thought to myself, “That’s a brilliant idea, I’ll do that!”

I was catching up with a friend before Christmas and we were chowing down on some tasty burgers.

Grill’d Burgers – my favourite!

This woman is an inspiration to me and we’ve managed to stay in contact for over a decade on and off and more on recently.

I was sharing my latest (slow) developments on my shoulder recovery and some small wins I had in the last few training sessions.

(For those of you who aren’t up to speed, I’ve been over-coming a chronic shoulder issue which set in after having my last child back in 2014.  Training has been uninspiring and daily tasks like brushing my hair or hanging out the washing can be very painful. A diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome was reached a year ago and I’ve been seeking specific treatments ever since.)

Back to Burgers….

I’d just started doing deadlifts again and was sharing that I could now do 15kgs pain-free, but also sharing my frustration at the gap that still existed.  

In my mind the benchmark and measuring stick was my P.B. of 92.5kg.  That was about 8 years ago and seemed like a distant memory.  

So the 15kg I’d just deadlifted seemed dismal in contrast.

She listened, she understood and she reminded me of how far I’d already come.

“Jodes, you know what…. It was only a few months ago that you were telling me you couldn’t even deadlift the 6kg bar without pain – so 15kg is awesome. Great job.”

She went on with….

“You know what I do at home is I’ve got a big calendar up in my room, one of those wall calendars and I write up all my workouts, what I do.  And as the days, weeks and months go on, I can clearly see the little wins I’m making.

Progress can so easily get lost in P.B’s or where you think you should be at, but we forget about the steps that are happening week to week, month to month, that are moving us forward.’

Anyway, that’s what I do at home and it works for me.”


What a brilliant idea.

It’s got nothing to do with what you are going to do, but everything to do with what you’ve actually done.

Hard facts not a wish list.

Micro wins logged every day.

So during my break over Christmas I organised an A1 Wall Poster of a 2017 calendar and got it set up in my bedroom and have been tracking my activity ever since.

It’s only the start of February, but it’s already provided me with invaluable feedback.

I’m winning, ever so slowly, but I’m winning.

It has been the best $25 bucks I’ve spent on my rehab….and here’s the direct link to the calendar I use if you want to get your own happening too.  Click Here – Wall Calendar Printable (There’s no kickbacks to me for sharing the link – just want to make it easy for you to implement!)

And I’ll remind you of what I’m reminding myself of daily…..Patience little grasshopper, patience.

Here’s to a strong 2017 for you (and me!) and celebrating the micro-wins along the way!

Cheers Jods x

P.S. The kids are back at school, I’m back at my desk full-time and am pumped for a huge year of fitness with you guys!