The $50,000 Triathlon Registration Fee… Can you help?

As soon as the words left his mouth, I felt immediate disappointment.

“Jods, all the registrations are full…”

“What do you mean they are already full, it’s still about a year away…!”

The dissappointment was quickly followed by regret that I’d missed out.  It was NOT part of my plan to NOT do it.

What I’m talking about here is the Noosa Triathlon in 2013, where Registrations apparently opened just a few weeks ago and given I haven’t competed in the last few years, I had certainly missed out on any priority placement unlike Tony who Won with his Team last year.

Lucky for him, bugger for me.

Well, the chick did say that you can Register under a Charity, do you want me to see what that is all about?”


“Ok, leave it with me…”

I couldn’t believe that I might not be able to compete.  9 months of pregnancy done, baby is out and I finally have my body back, albeit out of shape and in need of a lot of attention to get it race-ready.

The realisation that I might have to watch from the side-lines was very disheartening and the child inside of me was slowly starting to get ready to throw a little tantrum!

A few hours later I received this email:

“Hi Jodie,

Thank you for your registration for the 2013 Noosa Triathlon HeartKids Hero team!  We are delighted to welcome you on board the team.…”

Oh, Heartkids it is my ABSOLUTE pleasure to be on your Team!

A little bit of research and Tman was able to get me registered with a Charity, which means I have to raise a minimum of $1,000 to compete.

I like it, I like it a lot!

What I like about this, is just 2 short weeks ago I had my baby little girl, Emmanuella Ruby, born 3.17kg at 1:47pm on Friday 9th November…..and a heart murmur was detected by the Pediatrician after birth.

On discharge 4 days later, the Pediatrician performed another check and it was still there and he advised us to make an appointment to see him when she was 2 weeks old.

“What the?!?!?”

After going through a hell-ride with Gen (our 1st daughter) when she was in-utero, I had an immediate numbness run through my body.  A slow sense of detachment and bracing for the worst reared it’s head and I did what I knew best…waited to worry.

There was nothing I could do other than love my baby and wait…

The 2 weeks came and went and a pin dropping could have caused my ear drums to burst, whilst I waited for the Doctor to finish listening to her little heart.

Don’t you hate it, that Doctors don’t give anything away – such a straight face giving no hints….

Luckily for Tony and I, the heart murmur was NOT detected and the Pediatrician assured us all was ok and she just needed a little bit more time for her body to do it’s thing.

So here I am.

A new Mum again.

With a little girl with full health and a life right at her feet, with a healthy heart.

I know other Family’s out there would have received different news in their own follow up appointment and it breaks my heart for them that they are crying tears of sadness, instead of the tears of joy that we shed.

After I got the email from Heartkids, I just knew the Universe was working it’s magic.

As I mentioned the minimum I need to raise is $1,000, but I think that a little person’s heart is at least worth $50,000…

What do you think?

Donate right now and make a real difference in a little bubba’s life – Click HERE!

I don’t like to do things in small doses, so yes this is a big challenge, but why NOT set a huge goal to hit?

Let the fun, training and FUNraising begin!

Oh, and if you haven’t clicked the link yet to Donate, here it is again – Click HERE!


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