The Deep-Fried Truth

fishchips001We were diving into our ice creams head first when I heard the lady’s voice loud and clear.

I paused for a moment to digest what I’d just overheard and had to bite my tongue.

The girls and I were enjoying a treat of yummy chocolate ice cream, sitting quietly engrossed in our sticky mess after a morning of running a muck on the beach

The cafe we’d chosen was a typical beachside cafe.

Fish and chips.

Soft Drinks and juices.

And yes…ice cream!

The lady behind me was diving into her own treat which she had loudly declared, “Sweet potato chips…these are way better than normal chips.”

I sighed…

Not a peaceful sigh, but a sigh of disbelief.

How has the world reached this point?!

That might be a little dramatic, but let’s cut to the chase.

Deep-fried products are deep-fried products. sweet_potato_fries

Please enjoy them guilt-free without rationalising their nutritional or health value.

Whether it’s sweet potato, White Potatoes or whatever Potatoes, deep frying something is submerging and cooking the chosen food in 100% fat.

Fat adds flavour and is popular in my kitchen with a mix of Full-Fat Butter, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil being my top 3.

Consuming excessive fat also adds fat to my fat cells, deepening my beautiful curves  – so enjoy the yummy crunch guilt-free of your next deep-fried treat knowing they are a calorie dense food to be consumed “sometimes”.

Do not confuse “food choice” and “cooking method” when you are eating.

Steamed Mars Bar anyone?

Or what about Deep-Fried Broccoli?

Case in point.


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