There is no Good without Bad

Have you ever heard the saying, “there is no good without bad?” When I first heard it it made me stop and think. It makes a lot of sense though. How can something be good if there is no bad? To have a really good day you probably need to experience a bad day so that you know the good day is good.
For me realising that you need both, good and bad, helps me deal with both better. When things don’t go so well, then it is easy to accept it knowing that things do go bad sometimes. When things go really well then I am grateful for it, knowing that this doesn’t always happen.
I suppose the challenge is to plan your life so that it is full of much more good than bad. How would you rate your health and fitness right now? Is it good or bad? Maybe it is just ok? So if you want to make it better how do you do it? It is going to take some work right. Chances are you are going to have to work on both your nutrition and your exercise regime. It is going to take some sacrifice which you believe will be worth it to reach your goals. So, the question is what is stopping you? You know that when you reach your goals you will take your health and fitness from bad or ok to good but you aren’t doing what you need to do! How silly is that!
Don’t worry you are not alone. I think we all do this in at least one area of our life. We know if we take a few simple actions this area will go from bad to good but for some reason, maybe laziness, maybe fear of success, maybe lack of belief that if we actually do what we think we should we might still not achieve. Well I think the place to start is to increase how much you want the goal. If you go to bed thinking about the goal you want and waking thinking about it then I think you will be much more likely to take the action you need to take.
Try writing out 10 reasons why you want to hit your health and fitness goals. Think of all the benefits that will come from hitting this goal or goals. Think of how it will improve your life and how you feel on a daily basis. These reasons will serve as a force field to shield away the obstacles (food temptations, laziness temptations, doubts and fears) that try to get in your way!
Seriously if you have been putting off or just not giving your health and fitness the attention it deserves try giving it a really good shot and I’m sure you’ll be saying , it’s way more fun when you are fit!

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