To Bread or not to Bread?

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you might have noticed I’m not a massive fan of the… “Here’s the Top 5 Things you should eat, do, train or whatever…..”

It’s not my style and I find it to be impersonal & totally lacking in the biggest thing that will help you take action – emotion.


I was reminded on the weekend about the information that floats around in my brain and would be helpful to you guys.

I had a Client reach out to me directly with….

“Hey Jods,

Can I quizz you about bread? I haven’t been eating it for a while (eating Paleo) but I miss it and wanted to understand what’s the go with it?

Is it really as bad as it’s promoted to be?

What say you, my wellness guru?”

Bread Image

I was embarrassed by the title she gave me, but hell, I have been doing this fitness thing for over 15 years and have learned just a little in my time, so here goes.

I picked up my phone to call her and my first question was…

1. Do you suffer from bloating, irritable bowel or any form of digestive problems. (Do you poop once a day, without problems?)

If your answer is a YES for any of the above – Seek the advice of a Dietitian. They know more than me and you clearly need help to ascertain the correct answer.

Her answer was NO, so I moved on.

If you poop fine, then my advice is bread is not your enemy.

Here’s the 3 Tips I gave her….

1. Eat what makes you feel good. 
Find the bread that digests well for you. For me, I don’t eat refined, highly-processed cheap breads, I invest in a quality sourdough and also eat Pumpernickel Bread as it’s so convenient and doesn’t go stale.

2. Test & Measure
Don’t make too many changes to your diet/food choices all at once. If you experience any feel goods or feel bads, it’s hard to know what the trigger is, so slow-down, make small changes and pay attention to your body signals!

3. Go back to point 1 & repeat. 
There is so much information out there and it doesn’t need to be complicated.

So, please don’t over-complicate it for yourself.

Here’s to a strong 2017 with bread or no bread, regular pooping and working towards your strongest, fitter version of YOU.

Cheers Jods x

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