What are your gifts?

Being a Dad has taught me a lot and if you are a Parent then I reckon you’ll relate to this…. (and if you aren’t yet, then go back in time to when you were a kid!)

Imagine your child is gifted in writing and arts. She excels in these areas, enjoys it and sees significant progress when she puts even a moderate amount of time into it.

It comes easily & naturally to her.

She is ok at mathematics. Learning and making progress, achieving sound but not amazing grades. She’ll do it but she’s certainly not drawn to it in her spare play-time.

Do you guide her to work really hard on her mathematics in order to achieve higher grades across the board?

If you do this, there’s a sacrifice as you’ll take time, energy and passion away from her writing and arts.

Or, do you guide her to maintain solid and sound grades in mathematics and allow her time and energy to see how great she can become in the realm of writing and arts?

This leads me back to you and me.

What are your gifts in fitness?

And, are you giving these gifts the time & energy they deserve?

Are you making the right sacrifice for you?

Focusing on your weaknesses is great but stay focused on your strengths, as losing this focus can mean you become slightly better than average in areas where you could be really good or even great!

Think Strong.



Written by Tony Hebrard | Head Coach & Personal Trainer


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