What would you write in your letter?

If you had to sit down and pen a letter to your own doubts & fears, what would you write?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my goals and what’s going on internally, because the only thing I can control is me. The results we get in our life, whether it be physical, financial or in our relationships are always a reflection of what’s going on internally.

No one ends up achieving their goals wondering how they got there.

Accidental success just does not happen.

I’ve written many letters over the years and sometimes they are to myself. Might sound a bit qwerky but stay with me. It’s a very powerful way of finding out what’s really going on inside and what you are up against.

Your results are waiting for you. True story. Your abundance in energy, strong, fit body and powerful & positive mindset is just-around-the-corner.

Give yourself ammunition to win for when those doubts & fears pop up.

Here’s mine locked & loaded.

Dear Self-Doubt,

It’s just not true.

Just because I’ve had a shoulder injury, got sick and couldn’t race in my Triathalon that day and took over 6hrs to run the slowest-hardest 42kms in my life doesn’t mean anything.

Failing doesn’t make me a failure.

You are too loud and obtrusive and really need to know your place – and that’s out my front door!!!

Next time you come knocking, I’m going to remind you of the time I started Zenergy with no experience and had to move back into Mum and Dads, I’ll remind you of the psychology appointments I fronted up to twice a week to overcome my post-natal depression, and also the time I raced my very first triathalon after having my first child with leaking boobs and floppy bits.

You’ve got no substance, no logical argument, no fucking place to tell me what I can and can’t do OR what I am and am not capable of!

I’ll decide that thank you very much.

Kind regards,

P.S. Grab some time for yourself and get writing!  The more ammunition you’ve got from your Self-Confidence the easier it is to shut-down those voices of fear & doubt.  Jods :)

Wonder woman

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