Where should I start?

WOW that went fast!

5 weeks have past and I’m now a Mother of 2!

If you missed the announcement, Emmanuella Ruby Hebrard (Nella for short), was born safely on Friday 9th November at 1:47pm after needing a little encouraging to join us on the outside world (she was 10 days overdue!)

It already feels like I’ve changed a million and one nappies and that I’ve been out of the “real world” for a million and one days, but time is relative don’t you think?  5 weeks can either be a short time or L-O-N-G time.

Being the enthusiastic goal-setter that I am I’ve already dived into commitments for 2013 and registered myself for the Noosa Triathlon in October next year AND have pledged to raise $50,000 for Heart Kids after our little scare with Nella…(you can read more here).

A little ambitious of me YES, but I realised something about myself a while ago, that I thrive on feeling uncomfortable and ticking off these 2 goals next year certainly makes me feel uncomfortable given I’ve just brought a baby into this world!

It will be an interesting journey in 2013 no doubt!

It dawned on me today that I’ve caught myself saying recently, “I’ll start that soon….

” That” being…..

1. My daily core workout to regain my pelvic floor strength.

2. Regular stretches to loosen tight muscles from lots of breastfeeding and 9 months of baby carrying!

3. Sketching out a Fundraising plan with the first event being in January….

4. A weekly meal plan written so Take-Out Dinners aren’t the emergency option when all hell breaks loose with a Toddler, New Born and tired Mumma combined!

5. Oh, and Christmas Shopping – yep, we haven’t started that yet!

Everything (except No. 5) is realistically a 5-10min task, but small, easy tasks can often be the tasks that we to put off, aren’t they?!

We often over-look the “easy” and make things more complicated than what they should be.

5 minutes of daily core work is a lot easier to do, rather than fit in appointments at the Physio down the track when an injury sets in because I’ve got a weak core!

What do you reckon?

Needless to say, I’m not waiting on New Years to roll around to get things moving on my 2013 goals.

How about you?

Jods :)

P.S. Here is our little bundle of joy that is keeping me rather busy at the moment!

P.P.S. I would LOVE to hear from you, so drop me a line anytime!

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  1. Wow, 5 weeks have flown. All the very best for your tri! And best of luck in your fundraising. Im sure you will smash it! Keep smiling K xx

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