Why Not?

Why push yourself to be leaner, healthier, fitter, better? Why watch what you eat? Why get out of bed to go for that run? Why enter that obstacle course race?
Why not?
Have you ever worked hard towards a big goal and then achieved it? How did you feel? Pretty awesome I bet! Have you ever slept in when you planned to get up and exercise? How did you feel then? Pretty average I bet? Have you ever eaten something that you knew wasn’t good for you and then felt guilty or silly for eating it?
I think you’ll agree that more often than not when you put in some effort to become better in some way it always feels great in the end. The saying is discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tonnes! I’d much prefer to go through a bit of puffy, sweating, grunting and some tight muscles now and then rather than the pain of ill health and fatness!
Why not make this year the year that you do that fun run, or that triathlon, or lose those 20kgs you’ve been lugging around, or build that physique you’ve always wanted? Why not join one of our Teams at the Kokoda Grunt obstacle course? Why not take on our 28 Day Challenge? Wouldn’t winning $500 for doing something great for your health and fitness be an awesome achievement to kick off 2013!
Go on write down the pros and cons for doing or not doing it and see how it looks on paper. Then when you see that the pros far outweigh the cons get to work. Do a plan, speak to the people you need to, to get support and encouragement and get to action now!
It’s more fun when you’re fit!

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