Yes Mr. Police Officer…..

[Warning: If you are a law-abiding citizen at all times, then this may rub you the wrong way and we may have to agree to disagree.  I am in no way proud or bragging about what you are about to read, just sharing an honest account which got me thinking about life.]

Thursday afternoon 5pm and I’m driving home after taking Gen to the Doctors and I get pulled over.

Damn it.

I wait patiently for the Officer to come to our vehicle and think about what I’m going to say when I wind down the window.

There are 2 options here….

1. Play the pregnant lady card with a sick toddler in the back of my car, and try and get Gen crying to ramp up the poor-pregnant lady factor….

2. Be honest, cop it on the chin and accept the fine without any bulls***.

I weigh up both options and decide not to bulls*** him (or myself) with any victim mentality, and take Option 2.

Someone has to pay for the roads right?

Officer: “Hi Madam, Did you fail to see the 4 NO RIGHT HAND TURN signs that you just drove past as you turned into this street…. The ones that said, no turning between 4pm-6pm.?”

My Reply:Hi, nope I did see them.”

Officer: He gave me a slight quizzical look back followed with….“Is there an emergency here Madam as to why you still turned right then?”


He could clearly see I’m heavily pregnant, what a polite man he was.

My Reply: “No, I just want to get home quickly with my daughter, and ignored them today.”

Officer:So you saw the signs and there is no emergency….?”

My Reply:Yep.  I saw the signs Sir, there is no emergency and ignored them.   Just wanted to get home as fast as I could Sir.”

I think it was at that point he realised I wasn’t bulls***ting, I wasn’t being sarcastic and I wasn’t about to bulls***  my way out of this.  I was telling the absolute truth – I ignored them, decided to break the law with full knowledge and now dealing with the consequences which was the little yellow pad and pen sitting in his hand.

Officer: Eh…ok, well unfortunately that is an offense and will be an $80 fine Madam, do you have your Driver’s license with you….?”

My Reply:Yes Officer, I know I did the wrong thing….here is my license.”

I already had it out and ready for him, knowing what was going to happen.

Ticket writing, waiting, a few more questions…. (No, there is no emergency, I really just do just want to get home Sir.)

We bid each other farewell and I got back on the road again, now way past Gen’s happy hour, with me laughing at myself.

I took a risk,

It didn’t pay off.

The risk – Turn right when it was clearly signed (with 4 signs), to NO Turn Right….  But hey, there’s no traffic with a clear turn with no cars in sight….and I’ll be home quicker and can get Gen down on time.

The result – Turned right, Police Man waiting for all the rule breakers like me.  Then having to wait 15 minutes or so, while tickets were written for all the cars in front of me and THEN continue driving in the thickest part of peak-hour traffic.


If only I’d just done the right thing.

If only I had not been so arrogant to go above the law.

If only, if only….

I knew I was breaking the law and didn’t get annoyed at the Police Man.

It was utterly and purely my fault – 100% and I’m happy to pay the $80 fine (because seriously, we do need to pay for the roads some how!)

It got me thinking about all the rules in life especially the ones that relate to our goals and how important it is to fully understand the consequences of breaking them or deciding to “bend” them slightly.

I know I’ve been upset in the past with a dress that didn’t fit, after training that I did NOT do….

Don’t bulls*** yourself or others, always take full responsibility for all of your actions and accept the consequences politely.

Bulls*** stinks and you can smell it a mile away.

Jods x

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  1. Cheers to no bullshit! You made the choice and paid the price, end of story. No blaiming anyone but yourself. I love your honesty!!

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